Bad Date List

This bad date reporting system is located on Treaty 1 Territory and in the birthplace of the Metis Nation

What is a bad date?

A"bad date" is an encounter between a sex worker / anyone involved in the sex trade and someone who is violent / abusive in any way. It is also any incident of theft, refusal of payment, threats, rudeness, time wasting, no shows, harassment, aggressive behaviour, etc. A bad date is anything you would want to warn or let others sex workers know about so they can avoid them.

How does this system work?

You have 3 options to submit a bad date in Winnipeg:

You can submit it online - just click on the "Reports" button. Anyone can submit a bad date, you do not need to log into the system to make a report. If you are reporting something that did not happen to you, please make sure that you have the consent of the person it happened to before reporting.

You can submit it on 'The Line' toll free at 1-844-333-2211. The Line is located at Klinic. They will take your report anonymously and, if you wish, the trained counsellors can listen to you and connect you to services and supports. This service offers language interpretation so you can report in the language that is most comfortable to you.

You can fill out a paper or PDF form. You can get this form from places that serve, work with, or care for sex workers, sex trade workers, sexually exploited people and experiential people. You can also email us a description of your experience to

We are always looking at ways to improve our service so if you experience any problems or issues when filing a report (web site problems, service provider issues, etc.) let us know so we can work together and find solutions.

Can I search for information on a bad date?

Yes! To look and search for information on the bad date list, you have to become a trusted member. Only people who are currently working in sex work / the sex trade / sex industry can become trusted members. To learn how to become a trusted member, click on the "log in" button and select "sign up".

Recent logged reports

  1. *** Someone posting as client tries to gather personal info on worker(s) threat of doxxing ***
  2. short changed worker / verbally abusive
  3. online harassment - sent dick pics and was rude
  4. threatening and harassing online communication
  5. Repeatedly Booked No/Show
  6. Time waster - booked / no showed
  7. Cancelled last minute - refused to pay cancellation fee
  8. rude time waster / requesting photos
  9. time waster - repeatedly requested photos and location
  10. booked and did not show
  11. time waster - booked / no showed
  12. Repeatedly requested services not offered - sent lots of texts
  13. Booked and did not show
  14. Became verbally abusive / rude during booking contact
  15. Time Waster - Booked and then did not show
  16. Client showed up drunk and aggressive
  17. time waster - cancelled at door
  18. Filmed worker without consent
  19. Refused to place a deposit then ghosted before appointment
  20. Client paid in counterfeit bills - beware of counterfeit bills
  21. Had a weapon - haggled rate
  22. Escalating aggressiveness in communication - time waster
  23. emailed a lot and was abusive in his communication
  24. booked and did not show
  25. Huge Time waster