Dec 15th: Booked several times - No show



What Happened:contacted via text to book appointment - responds later that he is x min away and then does not show - text pattern is similar over several appointments - also requested services the worker does not offer.

Haggled Rate / Wasted Time


Description:Haggled Rate

Feb 12th - Choking / Assault Garbage Hill - Picked up worker in North End

Location:Garbage Hill


Description:@ 30 years old, black, 5 feet 9 inches tall. Shaved hair - longer on top.

Vehicle:Red Nissan 4 door

What Happened:parked near garbage hill - started choking worker. He got angry / frustrated when people started to walk by. refused to pay

mace used in street attack

Location:started on Sherburn and Elise ended on Ellis and Arlington

Name:no names used

Description:2 young men (early 20's) on bikes around 2 AM Nov. 15

Vehicle:2 bikes

What Happened:2 men looking to rob me and chased me down to 7 - 11 on Ellis and Arlington - where they caught up to me and and maced me.

Guy with a weapon - early morning assault

Location:between 500-600 block of Sargent



Vehicle:no vehicle involved -

What Happened:sexual assault with a weapon - early morning. A week - 10 days ago

Guy on a bike Elgin and Ellen area - aggressive and abusive - be on the alert

Location:Elgin and Ellen area

Name:name unknown

Description:guy on a bike, wearing dark jeans and a dark sweater, may be / or pretending to be, hearing impaired (deaf).

Vehicle:on a bike

What Happened:Was aggressive, abusive, forceful and pushed boundaries

Warning for folks who work outdoors (NE): Aggression - with a weapon

Location:Jarvis - in the north end

Name:name of person is unknown

Description:Indigenous man - scar by mouth - scrawny build

Vehicle:no vehicle involved

What Happened:he was aggressive and rough - he pushed boundaries - he had a knife - he refused to pay